We collaborate with our partners and aim to support and amplify their efforts by lending financial support or technical expertise to the projects our partners are working on. Each project is designed to fit the needs of the people benefitting from the project.

Mpophomeni community network with Project Isizwe

Project Isizwe's Express WiFi in Mpophomeni is designed to deliver affordable, reliable, and unlimited internet connectivity to the community.

Digitizing Kafanchan Public Library with Fantsuam

Fantsuam is digitizing the Kafanchan Public Library to meet the need for easily accessible information, demonstrated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Roberto Arias Program (ANERA) with Altermundi

Altermundi is creating awareness about the importance of community networks trough their Roberto Arias program.

The Tayolchikawalis Initiative with REDES

Together with Redes, we aimed to to improve the telecommunications infrastructure of the Tosepan Titataniske Cooperative Union.

Wifi-hotspot prototype with Greatwaves

With Greatwaves, we set out to create a prototype of a mobile Wifi hotspot that can be used for humanitarian work in displaced settings.

Accessing the internet through ASPi-devices with Servelots

Access to internet is essential for learning digital skills. Servelots enable women to access the internet through ASPi-devices.