Setting up a School of Community Networks with Colnodo

The "Community Networks School" project aims to bolster the skills and knowledge of Colombian local organizations and communities.

Project status: Ongoing

Country: Colombia

Partner: Colnodo

Impact goal: 50 people

About the project

Colnodo has since 2017 been developing the implementation of nine community networks. This is done in alliance with multiple local, national, and international organizations in different regions of Colombia. With the change of government in Colombia, they are trying to ensure that community networks are taken into account in the National Development Plan. This way they can be part of the communication ecosystem to bring connectivity to remote rural areas. This encourages high community participation. Currently, only 25% of the population is connected. This project aims to initiate the 'School of Community Networks'. This initiative will provide specialized training, enabling these entities not only to connect to the network but also to design, establish, and manage their own communication platforms through strategies of appropriation and virtual format training.


Colnodo have held virtual meetings with leaders from schools in other countries to learn more about the structuring of the school. Three in-person workshops have also been conducted. The participants were members of the three community networks whom Colnodo supports.

About the partner

Colnodo is a non-profit organization based in Colombia, working on facilitating the exchange of information in favor of the development and improvement of the quality of life of Colombians. Their mission is to promote the access, use, and understanding of Information and Communication Technologies. Through this their goal is to foster inclusion, social and human development, and improve people's quality of life. They started their operations in 1993, providing an electronic communication system to organizations working for sustainable and innovative development in Colombia.

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