Digital Inclusion for Detainees and Staff of the Kafanchan Correctional Center with Fantsuam

Through this project we facilitate digital literacy training to detainees and staff members to ensure better transition to general society.

Project status: Ongoing

Country: Nigeria

Partner: Fantsuam Foundation

Impact goal: 40 detainees and 10 staff members

About the project

Correctional Centers can cause physical, mental health, and psychological stress, as well as increased likelihood of recidivism and further alienation from the general society. The seclusion and lack of provision of adequate intellectual stimulation of offenders at the Correctional Center is not conducive for achieving positive behavioral changes. However, when ICT development opportunities are extended to such populations, their integration into the larger society can be better assured. This project will facilitate higher levels of digital literacy for 40 detainees and 10 staff members of the Kafanchan Correctional Center. This pilot project will provide a proof of concept that can be used for advocacy. The advocacy efforts will be for a roll-out of such capacity building opportunities across the 240 correctional centers across Nigeria.


This project has just started. We'll keep you updated with news soon!

About the partner

Fantsuam Foundation a female led organization on a mission to eliminate poverty and disadvantage among women and youths through integrated development programs in the Kaduna State in Nigeria.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.