Enhancing digital access through STEM/ICT education with Zee Tech Foundation

Zee Tech Foundation will provide students with digital literacy training, and education within ICT/STEM fields.

Project status: Ongoing

Country: Nigeria

Partner: Zee Tech Foundation

Impact goal: 200 people

About the project

Bauchi State, located in north-eastern Nigeria, faces significant challenges in terms of digital access and educational opportunities. According to recent statistics, approximately 75% of the population in Bauchi L.G.A lacks access to computers and the internet. This digital divide hampers students' ability to explore educational resources, engage in online learning, and acquire crucial digital skills. Furthermore, only a limited number of schools in the area have computer labs, which are often overcrowded and insufficient to cater to the needs of all students. The EDASE project aims to address these gaps by providing a dedicated STEM lab equipped with computers and internet connectivity.


The ICT-lab is and laptops are ready to be used. Camera, router, desks, chairs and computers have been installed. Zee Tech Foundation is now ready to welcome students, which will happen starting in the third week of January.

About the partner

Zee Tech Foundation is a youth-focused NGO that aims to promote digital literacy across under-served urban and rural communities. The organization was founded in 2020, and has since been supporting these under-served communities to harness ICT for learning and development.

Visit Zee Tech Foundation's website here to learn more about them.