Mpophomeni community network with Project Isizwe

Project Isizwe's Express WiFi in Mpophomeni is designed to deliver affordable, reliable, and unlimited internet connectivity to the community.

Project status: Ongoing

About the project

Isizwe Express WiFi in Mpophomeni is a project designed to deliver affordable, reliable, and unlimited internet connectivity to the community, enabling access for citizens while creating a viable and sustainable business model for Isizwe. The 20 Isizwe Express WiFi hotspots that the project will deploy into Mpophomeni will provide a coverage network where paying customers can access unlimited, reliable internet. At the R5 (€0.29) a day for unlimited internet access price point, the connectivity is affordable for the community members. Sites are selected on the basis of both technical and economic feasibility.


Wifi hotspots have been installed at residences, which is increasing usage and sales. The initial benefits include high levels of engagement and around the clock on site monitoring from the on site Retailer partners who are fastidious about the reliability and stability of the internet in their homes.

There was additional capacity added on the ground through various local cooperations. Having people who know where the demand for WiFi is, who know where people will buy and use it, and who know key entrepreneurial individuals who can drive sites to achieve their commercial targets makes a huge difference.

The Mpophomeni project continues to grow steadily, with consistent network and sales performance over the recent months. The WiFi network is enjoyed by the community members, most of whom connect daily. Across the 21 hotspots, there are consistently 300 users each month.

About the partner

Project Isizwe was founded 2013 with a vision to provide equitable connectivity for 50 million African citizens through uncapped internet. The non-profit organization partners with internet service providers to enable impoverished African communities to equitable access the internet.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.