Mpophomeni school Wifi with Project Isizwe

With Project Isizwe, we are providing 8 schools in the Mpophomeni community with free Wifi, to enable equitable access to connectivity.

Project status: ongoing

Country: South Africa

Partner: Project Isizwe

Impact goal: 5642 learners, 182 educators

About the project

The project aims to implement free WiFi into 8 schools in Mpophomeni. This will allow learners to have direct access to educational resources such as Microsoft Education program. The intended beneficiaries fall into the disadvantaged category, where they presently and historically have been excluded from internet access and the benefits of connectivity. Provisioning free, uncapped internet access to underserved South African educators and learners will ensure they are able to be included in the digital world.


All 8 schools have been provided with wifi, which means that they are connected and can make use of the internet. Each school is now being profiled to understand the impact the school wifi will learn on the students learning abilities, and the educators ability to provide good materials to teach.

About the partner

Project Isizwe was founded 2013 with a vision to provide equitable connectivity for 50 million African citizens through uncapped internet. The non-profit organization partners with internet service providers to enable impoverished African communities to equitable access the internet.

Visit their website here to learn more about.