Wireless Barefoot Engineers with Fantsuam Foundation

By training local engineers in maintenance of community networks, Fantsuam Foundation is digitally including rural, underserved communities.

Project status: Ongoing

Country: Nigeria

Partner: Fantsuam Foundation

Impact goal: 770 people

About the project

This project is designed to promote digital inclusion and internet access for hard-to-reach communities, in Jema’a Local Government. This will happen through training of local engineers in Community Networks. Community Networks (CN) provide a cost effective and sustainable model of reaching underserved, rural and remote communities. A CN is a communication infrastructure owned, managed and maintained by the host community. There is now a growing global movement that is promoting the CN model, and Fantsuam Foundation is one of the first to be doing so in Nigeria. One of the core problems rural connectivity is a lack of last mile infrastructure. Telecom companies here have been reluctant to invest in the last mile in rural areas because of its low return on investment (ROI). This is where CN becomes a strategic option because its concept of ROI goes beyond short-term financial profits and considers the socio-cultural and development impact of rural connectivity.


The project has just started.

About the partner

Fantsuam Foundation is a female led organization on a mission to eliminate poverty and disadvantage among women and youths through integrated development programs in the Kaduna State in Nigeria.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.