Wifi-hotspot prototype with Greatwaves

With Greatwaves, we set out to create a prototype of a mobile Wifi hotspot that can be used for humanitarian work in displaced settings.

Project status: Closed

Country: the Netherlands

Partner: Greatwaves

About the project

This project aims to create a mobile network solution for humanitarian workers on the move. Staff in refugee camps and other displaced settings often work from their vehicles, and rely on stable and mobile internet to be able to do their work. The solution to this problem is two-fold, and working with Greatwaves paved way to solve the first part - in-vehicle internet and tracking. Read our blogpost about this project to learn more.


Hardware for the project, such as as the router and GPS antenna for vehicle tracking, was sourced and configured by Greatwaves. has built a web application for the hardware solution, which can be used to track the device and the car.

For the next part of this project, we need a partner to test our solution in the field it is built to operate in. If the in-vehicle solution works, we can move to testing whether satellite options on these vehicles will work to provide outside-vehicle connectivity.

About the partner

Greatwaves is a network provider based in Groningen, the Netherlands. They work to provide fast, stable, and reliable internet connection regardless of whether you are in one place or on the go.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.