Totopara internet connectivity with Digital Empowerment Foundation

Digital Empowerment Foundation is building a community network and providing digital skill to the tribes in the Totopara village.

Status: Ongoing

Country: India

Partner: Digital Empowerment Foundation

Impact goal: 1300 people

About the project

Digital Empowerment Foundation, located in India, is providing internet connectivity in the Totopara Village along with providing digital literacy to the Toto Tribes. The village will get internet through network extenders and their ability to use it is ensured through establishing a Community Information Resource Centre (CIRC). The CIRC will provide community members, and especially children and adolescents with access to common learning tools including STEM learning, robotics, and coding. The project will also work towards preserving the culture and language of the Toto Tribe through digital documentation.


The project has started.

About the partner

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) is a Delhi-based nonprofit organization working towards empowering people to gain access to better healthcare, education, skills and livelihood opportunities through digital literacy and digital tools.

Visit their website here.