Learn Kernels with Sawa World

By using learn kernels, our partner Sawa World shared skills and information with coffee farmers in Uganda offline.

Project status: Ongoing

About the project

The Learn Kernels have been tested as a hybrid model that applied both offline and online tools to share learning content with youth coffee farmers during the implementation of the  Ujana Coffee Project. This project’s aim is to diversify and increase the income of youth from smallholder coffee farms. The idea is to introduce local business opportunities that are easy to start, have already shown success and can allow youth to rapidly start small-scale businesses with little startup costs.


A training program was given introducing different business skills. The practical business training was given over the course of three days. The learn kernels were used to support self-learning and extended knowledge on business skills.

The educational materials have exposed the farmers and staff to new technologies. 

About the partner

Sawa World is a Uganda based organization that works with youth around the world who have found skills to lift themselves out of poverty. Their aim is to help youth locally where they live, as the youth have found innovative solutions that can lift them out of poverty.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.