Sathgatta Bamboo Mesh-networks with Servelots

Servelots learned about the lack of connectivity in and around Sathgatta village, and will through this project set up mesh networks to connect the people living here.

Project status: ongoing

Country: India

Partner: Servelots

Impact goal: 200-300 people

About the project

Sathgatta and tiny hamlets around a small town called Kolala are in a peculiar situation of being in a low lying area for the phone signals. There is decent internet connection and phone signals in the nearby towns. Most students who can afford it end up staying in a nearby city for education. Servelots work is to set up a tiny community network with a couple of computers for school needs and for people to access the Internet from their phones. This network will have a gateway to the internet by setting up long distance wireless routers from a source point 4 kilometers away.


The location has been mapped and a plan has been made regarding the location of the nodes, which has been worked out in collaboration with the local community. Servelots is currently working on the the long distance point to point routers that will bring the network to the location of this project.

All the activities and steps throughout the process are being documented through sets of videos. This way the setup can be used as a knowledge base that will help the community maintain the mesh network.

About the partner

Servelots was founded by a group of computer scientists nearby Bangalore, India. They wanted a highly cost effective software for communities to manage community knowledge. Servelots has, together with Janatsu - their non-profit - worked on WiFi mesh networking. These mesh networks have since been provided to low-literate communities, tribal and remote areas as well as in slums. Servelots have also been working with rural schools and villages using the Aspiration networking devices to provide connectivity.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.