High Frequency Digital Radio Systems with Rhizomatica

Our partner Rhizomatica has developed a high frequency radio systems that connect people and places hundred of kilometers apart.

Project status: Closed

About the project

Rhizomatica has been developing a system called HERMES (The High-frequency Emergency and Rural Multimedia Exchange System) for several years. The project we collaborated on is bringing connectivity through high frequency radio systems to remote villages in the Ecuadorian Amazon. HERMES is a digital information platform that operates over high frequency radio. This is a system that allows sending and receiving digital information like files, email, chats, etc between two points. The advantage of using high frequency radio is that it easily connects places that are hundreds of kilometers apart. contributed to the undertaking of training programs for the installation of HERMES, as well as necessary equipment.


Through the efforts of various funders, over 50 high frequency radios have been installed throughout the Ecuadorian amazon until now and dozens of indigenous technicians have been trained on how to install and maintain these systems. The first phase of the HERMES project involved installing HERMES systems in 6 Achuar communities in Pastaza and Morona Santiago provinces as well as the Achuar Nation’s umbrella organization office.

During the second phase a gateway station will be installed in the CONFENIAE as well as 7 or 8 other systems in strategic points/communities around the Ecuadorian Amazon.

About the partner

Our partner Rhizomatica is on a mission to make alternative telecommunication infrastructure for people around the world.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.