Narrowing the digital gender divide with BOSCO Uganda

In this project, BOSCO provides digital literacy training for women and elderly people to narrow the digital gender divide.

Project status: Ongoing

Country: Uganda

Partner: BOSCO Uganda

Impact goal: 600 women and elderly

About the project

BOSCO Uganda will narrow the digital gender gap by providing digital literacy training, online safety, and security to women and elderly at 3 selected ICT centers. The training will provide the women with knowledge that they will be able to share further, thereby encouraging and increasing women's participation.


The project has just started.

About the partner

Battery Operated System for Community Outreach (BOSCO) is a non-profit organization in northern Uganda. The organization was formed in 2007 as an intervention to end the isolation of people in the Internally Displaced People’s camps of northern Uganda. The organization realizes its vision of ‘open and peaceful rural communities ready to face the challenges and opportunities of the globalized world in the 21st Century’ by providing innovative ICT solutions that foster socio-economic development and peace-building in the rural communities of northern Uganda.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.