Establishing a Community Network with Step Network

By setting up a community network, Step Network aim to reduce the digital divide for rural communities in Eastern Ghana.

Project status: Ongoing

Country: Ghana

Partner: Step Network

Impact goal: 5500

About the project

The Afram Plains are located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It hosts several communities which are largely described as rural and remote. Mem-chemfre is one of the major communities. It has a vibrant local economy with a significant number of public establishments offering critical social services. The introduction of digitalization across the country has been phenomenal, however, the lack of access to connectivity in communities like Mem-chemfre is a social inequality that is denying businesses and citizens to use digital resources to improve their lot. The Mem-chemfre Community Network (MCN) project is aimed at providing access to connectivity in Mem-chemfre. This will reduce the social and economic exclusion of the communities, avoiding the debilitating consequences on the local economy of digital exclusion.


This project has just started. Updates will follow.

About the partner

Step Network is a technology-based organization that specializes in building community networks and promoting digital accessibility and literacy in rural areas. It focuses on empowering communities through technology.