Digital citizenship and online safety with Webfala

Webfala have designed an online safety program to educate students, teachers, parents and others about responsible behavior online.

Project status: Ongoing

Country: Nigeria

Partner: Webfala Digital Skills for All Initiative

Impact goal: 1500 school children and 50 parents and teachers

About the project

In our increasingly connected world, technology permeates nearly every aspect of daily life. Emphasizing the internet and the ubiquity of social media and online platforms make it imperative to educate students, teachers, parents and others about responsible online conduct. Through our Digital Citizenship and Online Safety Program we emphasized digital citizenship and online safety not only equips young learners to traverse the digital landscape safely but also teaches them to engage ethically. The Digital Citizenship and Online Safety program was thoughtfully designed to address these challenges directly, empowering students, parents and teachers with the skills needed to navigate the digital world safely.


Over the past two weeks, Webfala has successfully trained 1,200 students across 25 private and public schools in Kwara State on digital citizenship and online safety. The highlight of the training was educating the children on potential online dangers such as identity theft, scams, cyberstalking, sexual abuse, online predators, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, hate speech, and more. Students learned the importance of protecting their personal information online, handling cyberbullying, and critically assessing online content to distinguish between genuine and deceptive sources.

About the partner

Webfala Digital Skills For All Initiative is a non-profit organization established in 2018. Their mission is to empower underprivileged children, girls, youths and women in Nigeria with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and digital literacy skills that will enable them create their own future and compete favorably in this digital age.

Webfala provide them with the tools to operate at the speed of digital, to innovate and to ignite social change in their respective communities and beyond. At Webfala, they don't just close the digital gap, they influence and empower marginalized young Nigerians to create a whole new reality and future for themselves through trainings and supports.