ConnectED in Colombia with

In this project will connect 10 schools along the Amazon river in Colombia to the internet.

Project status: Ongoing

Country: Colombia


Impact goal: 5000

About the project

The connectED project along the Amazon River in Colombia is a visionary endeavor aimed at establishing connectivity for ten remote schools in rural areas, granting them access to the internet for the first time. By doing so, aspires to level the educational playing field, enabling students and educators to retain their cultural heritage while acquiring new skills.


This project has just started. The hardware necessary for the project to start has been ordered.

About the partner is a nonprofit organization committed to bridging the digital divide by providing connectivity solutions to underserved communities worldwide. They focus on engaging local communities to foster long-term sustainable projects, empowering individuals and promoting economic growth. Their initiatives target students, women, refugees, and underserved areas, aiming to enhance opportunities and foster digital inclusion. With a focus on sustainability, their projects are designed to require minimal ongoing funding while continuously expanding access to connectivity and fostering local economies.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.