Building the digital knowledge of community leaders with Fantsuam

Through this project, community leaders in the Kaduna State in Nigeria receive trainings to increase their digital knowledge.

Project status: ongoing

About the project

The offline population in Kaduna State is disproportionately poor, rural, uneducated, elderly, and female. The rural communities where Fantsuam Foundation works, typically have no access to the grid and have poor road networks. Adult literacy rate in Kaduna State is 47%. For these groups, the lack of necessary knowledge and skills to use available connectivity is a big obstacle. Toghether with Fantsuam, we will increase the basic digital literacy and digital knowledge and skills of the 11 chiefs (Hakimai) of Jema’a Local Government.


We have asked Fantsuam some question about the project. Look out for a new blog post soon!

About the partner

Fantsuam is on a mission to eliminate poverty and disadvantage among women and youths, especially in the Kaduna State in Nigeria, through integrated development programs.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.

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