Building Hello Hubs with Hello World

Providing internet access to people in hard-to-reach areas requires innovative ideas. We work with Hello World to provide connectivity to people in Gaza.

Project status: Ongoing

About the project

Hello World will work with local partners and communities in Gaza to close the digital divide and address the education deficit. Through this project, we will deliver internet connectivity and world-class educational software to marginalized communities via the Hello Hub model.


The Hello World team traveled through Egypt to the Gaza border to initiate the first steps towards building the Hello Hub. Due to an escalation of conflicts in Gaza in the same period, the team were were unable to enter the country, which has caused delays in the project progression.

The Hello World team is currently working on two new potential plans to make sure the project moves ahead as soon as possible. The challenges faced has made the team even more determined to find a way to build Hello Hubs in this region.

About the partner

Project Hello World is a United Kingdom based organization. Their goal is to bridge the digital divide by connecting hard-to-reach communities to online education and Wifi connectivity.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.