Bootcamp 2022 with REDES

REDES organized a bootcamp to conclude their training program in Technical promotion of indigenous Telecommunication and Broadcasting.

Project status: Closed

Country: Colombia

Partner: Redes

Impact goal: 50 people

About the project

This project is a 10-day on-site bootcamp, which concludes an online training program about Telecommunications and Broadcasting promotion for indigenous communities in Latin America. There are around 50 graduates attending the bootcamp.


The participants gained knowledge that will be useful to strengthen the community communication and telecommunications processes in which they participate.

A network of people with technical, social and economic knowledge was strengthened for the development of communication and telecommunication projects that accompany each other to achieve their goals.

Local processes were strengthened, especially the San Pablo Libre community network and the Fusa Libre Network, through the exchange of experiences, the donation of equipment and links with other processes in the continent.

Workshops were redesigned and knowledge of pedagogical techniques was increased in order to build the technical capacities of community members.


A very nice challenge was when those taking the broadcasting elective wanted to do a live program about the camp. That required collecting all the necessary input and plan an activity of this nature in a very short time. In the end it was a very nice event that was broadcasted by more than 30 radio stations all over Latin America.

The lack of equipment and tools in the area meant that some processes and times had to be changed. For example, this affected the HF Radio workshop and the installation of the solar panel in the village.

Other challenges had to do with the space in which the camp was held, which, being a university, led to some more formal activities and we had to follow certain protocols that affected the activities.

Finally, an important challenge was to be able to advise and provide the necessary transit security conditions for the travel of people who had never left their countries before.

About the partner

Redes is an organization working on promoting support networks and accompanies indigenous and community communication processes. Their team consists of people committed to diversity, equity and sustainability.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.