Agriconnect Bauchi with Zee Tech Foundation

50 farmers in Bauchi, Nigeria are introduced to the internet for the first time, and will learn how they can use it to optimize their work in agriculture.

Project status: Ongoing

Country: Nigeria

Partner: Zee Tech Foundation

Impact goal: 50 farmers

About the project

AgriConnect Bauchi is an inclusive initiative aimed at empowering farmers in Bauchi Local Government with digital literacy skills, access to technology, and smartphones to enhance agricultural productivity and market opportunities. Recognizing that a large number of farmers have never used the internet, the project will provide comprehensive training sessions on basic digital skills and internet usage, in addition to training on utilizing digital platforms and Google Lens for disease detection. By equipping farmers with smartphones and the necessary skills, AgriConnect Bauchi aims to bridge the digital divide, promote inclusion, and contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.


Week 1 of the project has started. This week, the farmers will get an introduction to digital literacy, learn the basics of computers, and get an introduction to software.

About the partner

Zee Tech Foundation is a youth-focused NGO that aims to promote digital literacy across under-served urban and rural communities. The organization was founded in 2020, and has since been supporting these under-served communities to harness ICT for learning and development.

Visit Zee Tech Foundation's website here to learn more about them.