Accessing the internet through ASPi-devices with Servelots

Access to internet is essential for learning digital skills. Servelots enable women to access the internet through ASPi-devices.

Project status: ongoing

About the project

Enabling girls and women to navigate the internet for social, educational, and informative use has several benefits. Not only can it strengthen their confidence, but it can also provide them with more equal opportunities and roles within patriarchal societies. has partnered with Servelots near Bangalore, India, to support their project. It aims to connect young girls to the internet through “ASPi”-devices (aspiration networking devices). 


Girls have gotten access to the ASPi-devices, and they are learning both how to navigate the hardware, as well as how to search the internet for information.

About the partner

Servelots was founded by a group of computer scientists nearby Bangalore, India. They wanted a highly cost effective software for communities to manage community knowledge. Servelots has, together with Janatsu - their non-profit - worked on WiFi mesh networking. These mesh networks have since been provided to low-literate communities, tribal and remote areas as well as in slums. Servelots have also been working with rural schools and villages using the Aspiration networking devices to provide connectivity.

Visit their website here to learn more about them.

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