Projects 2020 – a look at our partnerships

An overview of our partnerships in 2020

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Ashley Gottula
20 October 2020 Clock 1 min

Over the last months we have been busy supporting projects as well as working on creating new projects with partner organizations, all while having the goal of equal communication in mind. Here is an overview of the projects and our partners. If you would like to read more detailed information about each project, click on the project title to go to the project page.

APC Grants 2020 – We were able to partner with Rhizomatica and their partner APC to give grants to 5 projects to support them in realizing their goals in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BlinkNow – BlinkNow works in the community in Surkhet, Nepal. We made a financial contribution that provided their school with WiFi and laptops for the school administrators.

EduMais – We are working with EduMais to create privacy lessons for underprivileged children and teenagers in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. These lessons will supplement the curriculum EduMais already provides and will create awareness for digital privacy.

Rhizomatica and Kara Solar – We made a financial contribution that enabled Rhizomatica and Kara Solar to connect 2 of the 12 indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon to their radio network.

War Child – One of War Child’s programs is Can’t Wait to Learn. This program offers children the opportunity to learn to read and count through playing educational games played on tablet devices. Our financial contribution provided more tablets for the program.