Equitable access to connectivity

When we started our journey, 48 percent of the world population was not using the internet. The internet is a powerful tool to increase equality in the world, but only if we are able to bridge the digital divides.

We strive to facilitate equality through equitable access to meaningful connectivity.


Supporting and facilitating solutions within the connectivity ecosystem

Connectivity has the power to act as a potential equalizer in society. At the moment however connectivity is acting like a replicator, or even an amplifier in some cases of social inequalities. Equitable access to connectivity is an important step to turn this around.

  • Program lines

    There are major obstacles preventing people all over the world from accessing, using and benefitting from the internet. We categorize our work in three program lines to highlight the different aspects of equitable access, such as affordability, digital literacy and safe internet usage.

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  • Projects

    There is no one size fits all solution, instead solutions should fit the circumstances. We aim to support the sustainable solutions being developed all over the world and help facilitate equitable access to connectivity.

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  • Partners

    Collaboration is crucial. Making digital exclusion obsolete is a mammoth task that no one can achieve on their own. Collaboration comes in a variety of ways and we are always looking for new ways to work together in bridging the digital divides.

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