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You can find the Queue option in Freedom. You need this module if your organization receives many calls at the same time and you want to give callers the possibility to wait for the first available line.

Making a Queue

  • Log into Freedom.
  • Click on Admin in the menu bar.
  • Select Queue.
  • Click Add and agree to the costs.
  • Give the Queue a Name and description.
  • Under Maximum time, select how many seconds maximum a caller can wait. In the dial plan you can enter what happens when a caller waits longer than the maximum time.
  • Under Maximum size, you can determine how many people can wait in the queue at once.
  • The Notify frequency determines how often callers hear a message about the size of the queue.
  • Under Notification based on you can choose if callers hear how many callers are before them or if they hear the expected waiting time.
  • The language of the notification can be changed in Message settings.
  • The caller hears the Welcome message before they enter queue. You can record this message yourself. For example: Thank you for calling Happy Healthy Snack bars! Unfortunately all of our phone lines are busy.
  • With the Time exceeded message you can set up the message that callers hear when the maximum waiting time has been reached. For example: There are so many callers that the maximum waiting time has been reached. Please try calling again at a later time. We apologize for the inconvenience!
  • With the Size exceeded message, you can set up the message that callers hear when the maximum queue size has been reached.
  • If you don’t want to receive a new call directly after you finish the last conversation, add Wrapup time. This gives colleagues time to do the administrative tasks for a call before they answer the next call.

Adding the queue to the dial plan

  • Select the number that you want to make the dial plan for.
  • Select the queue in the correct step.
  • Two options will be opened: Queue and Max. size or time exceeded.
  • Choose in the pulldown menu under ‘Queue’ a call group where the call should go to.
  • Under ‘Max. size or time exceeded’ choose what should happen if there are too many people waiting or if the call has waited for too long. Usually this is a message or voicemail.

What you need to know about the queue

  • You can only connect a queue to a call group with VoIP telephones. It doesn’t work when transfering to an external number. Be aware: the queue doesn’t work when forwarding to mobile phones or the Voys app.
  • Your VoIP telephones need to be set up so that they can only handle one line at a time. If Call waiting is activated in your telephone settings, a second call will come into your phone and not be placed in the queue.
  • You can let your waiting callers listen to music while they wait. You can set this up under Admin -> Music on hold

Example messages

Welcome message

  • Thank you for calling [company name]. We will answer your call as soon as possible.

Waiting time exceeded message

  • At this time it is very busy, and it has caused you to wait too long. Please try calling again later.

Queue full message

  • At this moment it’s very busy and there are too many people waiting in front of you. Please try again later.


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