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Written by . Last updated: January 19, 2021

With the fixed/mobile function, you can add destinations in order to forward your business number to that device. The name says it all, you can forward calls to a fixed line or a mobile line.  

You can add a phone number in Freedom. Click on Admin in the menu and then choose Fixed/Mobile. Click on Add to add a Fixed/Mobile number. 

  • Phone Number: Here you fill in the number that you want to forward calls to. This can be a fixed line or a mobile line, you can also add a foreign number.
  • Description: Here you can fill in a name.
  • Caller id Forwarding: When switching to another number, only one number can be displayed – the Called number or the Original caller. Here you choose which number you want to see in your display: the number of your customer, or your own business telephone number. The last option is handy if you have multiple numbers, then you know what number your customer is trying to reach. If you don’t want to see a number displayed, choose Suppress (privacy).
  • User: Here you can connect the number to a user. With a user account, you can specify which number you are reachable at.
  • Click Save.

Don’t forget to put the forwarding number in your dialplan.

Did you know…

  • When you forward calls to an external number, you pay forwarding costs? We charge the same tariffs as for outgoing calls. These are billed by the second and not rounded off to the nearest minute.
  • You can add multiple forwarding numbers in a Call group so that they will all ring simultaneously when there is an incoming call.
  • You can also make outgoing calls with your business phone number if you download the Voys app on your smartphone.



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