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Written by . Last updated: December 28, 2020

What is a Dial plan?

You can find dial plans in Freedom. Here, you can set up what happens when your phone number is called. If you haven’t set up a dial plan, nothing will happen when your number is called.

  • Log in on Freedom.
  • Go to ‘Dial plan’ in the Main menu.
  • Click on ‘Add’ if you want to create a complete new Dial plan.
  • Click on your phone number or the edit button to edit your existing Dial plan.

Adding, editing or deleting Dial plan steps

  • Indicate what you want to set up in the first pulldown menu; for example, select VoIP-account or a Call group
  • Choose which VoIP account or Call group you want to ring in the second pulldown menu,
  • Enter the ring time, this indicates how long you want your device to ring.
  • Click the plus sign on the left side to add an extra step.
  • Click on the 3 dots of the right-hand side to change the step, delete it, or move it higher or lower on the list.
  • When setting up a notification, you will see a play button on the right side of the step. Click here to hear the sound.
  • On the right side of the steps “time group” and “call group”, you will see a triangle . Click here to see more information about the item.
  • Click on Save on the right side of the step to save your step.


  • We suggest that you don’t let the caller wait for more than 30 seconds before someone answers the phone.
  • Switching to an external number has a set-up time. It takes about 5 seconds to switch to a mobile number and about 2 seconds to switch to a landline. Take that into account in your dial plan.
  • If a VoIP account isn’t available or is set to DnD (Do not Disturb), the dial plan automatically moves on to the next step of the plan. When the corresponding account is in a call group, the call is sent to the other devices in the group.
  • Some functionalities are only available when regarding the first step in the dial plan, like Opening hours, Filter and the IVR.


Here are a few examples of common dial plans.

A dial plan with users

This is the ideal solution for freelancers. By choosing a user in the dial plan, its easier to switch between being reached on your mobile device or on your landline. You can read more about how to do this in the users help guide.

A dial plan with call groups

By using call groups, you can direct the call to go to different devices (mobile or landline) at the same time. The call group help guide has more information about this. In the unlikely event that no one is able to answer, you can also direct the call to a voicemail. The voicemail help guide gives instructions on how to record a voicemail message.


Want to know more?

Dial plans have endless possibilities. Do you want to try things out while keeping your phone line free? Make a Dial plan extension. Then you can test for yourself the best way to keep your organization as reachable as possible. You can select the Routing template when creating the dial plan for your phone number.



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