Connecting impoverished students in Yogyakarta

Providing digital learning materials for students is important for future opportunities. It requires digital knowledge to navigate it safely.

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Theresa Haans 1 December 2022 2 min

With the expansion of information and communication technologies (ICTs), there has been an increase in online and digital learning. In this project works closely with educators in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to implement a digital learning project to understand and create awareness around the impact of digital tools for learning.’s contribution enables students and their teachers to attend training programs in how to connect and use the devices and software, and how to complete remote work. This project ties in well with our mission to facilitate higher levels of digital literacy.

Can you explain what this project is about?

This project is about getting digital learning into schools in Indonesia. With the help of 48percent, we are supplying 30 laptops, 10 MiFi wireless connectivity devices with 2 years 4G internet connectivity. Additionally, Microsoft Educational licences will be supplied to enable students to use the laptops as part of their learning experience. These laptops will be given to one school, Pojok Elementary School in Sleman, Yogyakarta on the Indonesian island of Java. The goal is to enable the students to become proficient users of digital equipment. They can explore the impact it has to their learning ability. The expectation is that it will have a positive improvement that creates excitement towards more widespread adoption across the island.

Who benefits from this project? 

Initially pupil at the Pojok Elementary schools will benefit from the project. Due to delays, they haven’t yet experienced the full outcomes and benefits of this project. The project aims to specifically benefit the children in years 5 and 6. The pupils are between 10 and 11 years old.

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What will they learn during the digital learning project? 

Both the students and the teachers will learn how to use computers, laptops in this case, and how to use the internet, for example for school work and project research. They can gain a better understanding of the world off the Island whilst also being taught about internet safety, security and English language learning.

They will also have a mindfulness course they’ll be completing. For most of the children this will be their first experience of a computer and the internet. Their school doesn’t have an internet connection and neither do their family homes.

How can their new knowledge benefit them and the greater community in the future?

The goal of this project is to increase the educational attainment level of the children of Pojok Elementary School. Simultaneously we want to broaden their horizons and give them the virtual experience of the larger world. We’d like them to take these experiences into the wider community to extol the virtues of the internet. That way it is no longer is viewed as a luxury, but rather a necessity. They will also be able to use this equipment to research specific issues that are important to family members. It enables them to report important information.

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